Student Services

Student Services
The Office of Student Affairs primarily ensures the orderly conduct of students and student organizations, promotes social consciousness and meaningful involvement of the college in various outreach and community projects. The office is supervised by an accommodating and competent officer of the school.

Guidance and Counseling Services
Guidance and counseling services that are more directed and purposive in life are designed to help students fully develop their personality and character through various developmental activities like symposia, seminars, and dialogues. This service has been decentralized to be able to reach out to more students. The guidance services of the school are supervised by a competent, service-oriented, and licensed professional.

Registrar’s Office
The Registrar’s Office is the sole repository of all student records from the time of admission until graduation of all students. It renders such vital services such as evaluation of academic credits earned, preparation and issuance of transfer credentials, scholastic records, transcript of records, diplomas, and certificates of graduation. It further assists the various academic units in preparing the curricula for all academic programs of the College. The Registrar’s Office espouses integrity, professionalism, accuracy and timeliness in all its services.

Library Services
The Library is an indispensable educational and cultural repository. The collection of books has continuously been updated and enlarged to cater to the growing needs of the academic community of Universal College. It also has five flatscreen computer units to serve the needs of students seeking electronic data. The Library is supervised by a licensed professional.

Health Services

The Health Clinic is the unit responsible for attending to the health needs and problems of the school. It disseminates information on healthy lifestyle and practices, prevention of diseases, updates on disease outbreaks, promotion of sanitation and hygiene in the entire campus. It also monitors students with health concerns, refers them to health professionals and institutions for  appropriate treatment. The Health Clinic is manned by competent, friendly and licensed health professionals.

Students’ Financial Aid
Academically persevering students in dire need to financial help for the studies are provided assistance by the management of the school through student assistanceship, discounts, external work placements, and other feasible work-study arrangements.


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