™In the year 2022, Universal College of Paranaque College of Information Technology Education (CITE) envisions itself to be a leading industry feeder institution of choice for Information Technology            profession in MUNTIPARLAS and a center of excellence in Information Technology Education in the Philippines.


™The College of Information Technology Education (CITE) of UCP commits itself to the formation of globally competent professionals by:

  1. ™equipping with modern technology for instruction, research and innovations to meet the technological needs of the society;
  2. ™equipping with values, high moral and ethical standards; and
  3. ™conducting life-long learning with computing.


Our graduates will:

  1. Engage in the productive practice of information Technology to identify and solve significant problems in computing across a broad range of application areas and use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for computing practice;
  2. Engage in successful careers in IT industry, academe, and public service, providing technical leadership in computing and for their business, profession and community;
  3. Enhance the economic well-being of Philippine industry through a combination of IT technical expertise, leadership and technopreneurship; and
  4. Adapt to new technologies, tools and methodologies to remain at the leading edge of information technology practice in local and international, with the ability to respond to the challenges of a changing environment.



BS in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Government Recognition (CHED-NCR) No. 104, Series 2014)

Career Opportunities:

Application Developer, Database Administrator, Technical Support Specialist, Test Engineer, Web Administrator / Web Master, Web Developer, Network Administrator, IT Instructor, Information Security Administrator, Network Engineer, Systems Analyst.


Career Opportunities:

IT QA Specialist, IT Operations Technician, IT Support, Applications Developer, Technical Support Specialist, Web Developer, Junior Programmer.


Member of Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators Inc (PSITE) NCR Chapter