The College of Engineering and Architecture envisions to be a center of excellence and a global leader in engineering and architecture education.


To realize this vision, the College of Engineering and Architecture upholds its role to:

  1. produce professional engineers and architects who are globally competitive imbued with strong moral values;
  2. equip with modern technology for instruction, research and innovations to meet the technological needs of the society; and
  3. apply an environmentally responsible engineering practice.


Guided by its Vision and Mission, the College of Engineering and Architecture aims to:

  1. To produce engineering and architecture professionals who are effective problem solvers, committed to ethical actions and social responsibility and can communicate effectively;
  2. To obtain state-of-the-art engineering facilities and laboratory equipment for engineering research and experimentation; and
  3. To educate and train students to be responsible for the protection of the environment.



Diligence and Industriousness



BS in ARCHITECTURE (Government Permit (CHED-NCR) No. C-066, Series 2015)

Career Opportunities:

Project Architect / Consultant, Urban / Sustainable Designer, Architectural Journalist / Critic, Consultant.

BS in CIVIL ENGINEERING (Government Permit (CHED-NCR) No. C-062, Series 2015)

Career Opportunities:

Structural Engineer, Construction Engineer, Building Maintenance Engineer, Site / Field Engineer, Project Manager, Hydraulic Engineer, Highway & Transportation Engineer.

BS in COMPUTER ENGINEERING(Government Recognition (CHED-NCR) No. 049, Series 2014)

Career Opportunities:

Project Manager / Engineer, Network System Administrator, Data Communication Engineer, System Manager / Analyst, Technical Support Engineer.

BS in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (Government Recognition (CHED-NCR) No. 048, Series 2014)

Career Opportunities:

Project Manager, System Design Engineer, Electrical Design Inspector, Power Engineer, Illumination Engineer.

BS in ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (Government Recognition (CHED-NCR) No. 050, Series 2014)

Career Opportunities:

Broadcasting, System Engineer, Industrial Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Biomedical, Robotics & Mechatronics.

BS in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING(Government Permit (CHED-NCR) No. C-066, Series 2015)

Career Opportunities:

Production and Planning Engineer, Project Analyst, Quality Control Engineer, Methods & Systems Analyst.


Dr. Peter M. Ureta – Dean and Chair of Department of Civil Engineering

Arch. Leonard C. Briones – Coordinator of Department of Architecture

Dr. Neil P. Balba – Chair of Department of Computer Engineering

Engr. Salvador V. Paragua – Chair of Department of Electrical Engineering

Engr. Johner P. Pescadera – Chair of Department of Electronics Engineering

Engr. Leonardo A. Briones – Chair of Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Ms. Maria Rafonzel T. Pongos – Secretary of College of Engineering and Architecture