The College of Business & Accountancy envisions to produce highly skilled and competent accounting and business professionals in the global corporate and business environment.


To produce outstanding graduates deeply rooted in the core values who will become professional leaders in the various sectors of public practice, academe, government and commerce & industry by providing:

  1. Strong concerted effort of the community such as competent faculty members, staff, peer teaching and business professionals who will greatly contribute to the effectiveness and success of the curricular programs; and
  2. Innovative programs, applied learning, accounting research, and collaboration in the curriculum development with the alumni in the global business community.


  1. To produce globally competitive business professionals;
  2. To achieve and maintain an above national passing percentage in the CPA Board Examination;
  3. To have an academic community that adheres to ethical standards; and
  4. To promote strong and sustainable faculty development program through Continuing Professional Education (CPE).



BS in ACCOUNTANCY (Government Recognition (CHED-NCR) No. 109, Series 2014)

Career Opportunities:

Certified Public Accountant in Government Practice, Tax Accountant, Corporate Accounting, Accounting Education, Financial Analyst, Internal Auditor.

BS in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Major in Financial Management (CHED-NCR) No. 50, Series 2011)

Career Opportunities:

Bank Operations, Investment Analyst, Fund Managers, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance Consultant.

BS in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Major in Marketing Management (CHED-NCR) No. 50, Series 2011)

Career Opportunities:

Production and Sales Manager, Marketing Operations Officer.



Prof. Ramchelo C. Cueto– Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy

Prof. Josart B. Tubay – Review Coordinator of the College of Accountancy

Prof. Pacita B. Castro – Coordinator of the Department of Business Administration

Prof. Hilario G. Tan – Review Consultant and Coordinator